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Kuwait Chemical Society aims to achieve the following objectives in collaboration with the governmental authorities and national corporations and institutions:

  • To care for the common occupational interests of the KCS members, develop the knowledge and skills of KCS members, enhance the academic and scientific abilities of KSC members, and represent KSC members before competent authorities.
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  • To ensure optimum liaison between the Kuwaiti society and KCS through organizing academic seminars and awareness programs to raise the scientific awareness of the public.
  • To examine the conditions of chemists working in the different business sectors in the State of Kuwait in order to identify the proper job conditions that best match their nature of work.
  • To develop and promote the KCS business activities so as to position KCS at bar with the Arab and international chemical societies
  • To work towards developing and using the Arabic Language in education and technology in the Arab Nation through using the Arabic Language in writing the academic and scientific researches and maintaining coordination with the Arab chemical societies and other concerned corporations and entities.
  • To establish and strengthen business relationships with Arab and foreign chemical societies, exchange the academic expertise and knowledge, and maintain mutual cooperation in the industry.
  • To highlight the role of Kuwaiti and Arab chemists in chemistry through the dissemination of academic and scientific journals and periodicals amongst Arab and foreign countries and sharing information on the key Arab-related scientific achievements in chemistry.
  • To develop the professions of chemists to play a major role in serving the society.
  • To present the services that bring about renaissance and development in the different business sectors in collaboration with the different bodies concerned.
  • To prepare and share chemistry-based researches, hold academic seminars and forums, and take part in developing the chemistry curricula in the different stages of education.

Kuwait Chemical Society (KCS) is an active member of:

- Union of Arab Chemists (UAC).
- Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (FACS).
- International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).